Simplex (Netherlands), ca. 1894

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Original Dutch bicycles before 1900 are extremely rare. There were some factories in the Netherlands, of which Burgers ENR, Simplex and Fongers were most famous. But as there are so many people riding bicycles in our small country, bicycles were used until they fell apart.

This Simplex (built in Amsterdam) is in the collection of the Batavus museum in Heerenveen, Netherlands. We are pretty sure it is an original Simplex: compare it to the 1894 advertisement picture - look at details like the oversized head bearings and the attachment of the rear mudguard, in the middle of the seat tube.
But: someone once 'restored' it, and gave it a head badge which is far too new. In the 1890's Simplex only used transfers.
The bicycle in the museum has some characteristic features, like special brass dustcaps on the bearings of hubs and crank axle.